Yearly Archive August 17, 2018


Why orthodontist?

Three years before Renuga(Name changed) a teenage girl, from a village near Marthandam visited our clinic with her parents. She had protruded and crowded teeth on the upper jaw. She lacked confidence because of this deformity, though she was brilliant in her studies. The only element that affected her facial beauty was her abnormal teeth& jaw structure.

Before her visit to our clinic, her family members sought advice for choosing a dentist. When their friend, who worked in the dentistry wing in the army suggested them to visit our clinic, Renuga’s family had no second thought for it.  Someone might think why Renuga is referred to visit our clinic at Atoor, despite having several dental clinics queued up at a town near to her village, Marthandam. The answer is…….

All orthodontists are dentists. But all dentists are not orthodontists. Orthodontists differ in education and training. They are specially molded surgeons for diagnosing and treating mal-alignment of teeth and correction of jaws.

While choosing an orthodontist for patient likeRenuga, consider asking the following questions:

  1. What is his/her treatment plan?
  2. How is he/she going to treat the protrusion?
  3. How about the overbite/underbite?
  4. Types of orthodontic treatment
  5. When to start the treatment?
  6. How long will the treatment take?
  7. The actual cost of the treatment.

All the above norms were properly followed in Renuga’s case. The treatment took around 1 ½ years and we attained the desired result. Renuga’s new aesthetically improved face brought her self-confidence over her image. Renugahappily thanked us.

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