What is Denture?



A denture is a replacement for missing teeth and connected tissues. Dentures are removable by the user. Acrylic, porcelain and metal made dentures are commonly available. A denture imitates the real gum tissue and teeth.

Complete denture is made to locate in mouth which has full missing teeth while partial dentures replaces the missing teeth the thereby prevents the adjacent teeth from shifting away from their position. There are two types of complete dentures viz. 1.  Immediate, 2. Conventional.

Dental bridge or removable partial denture has generally an artificial teeth replacement which is attached to a gum coloured base, sometimes has a metal framework attachment that holds the denture in place. While one or more natural teeth left in the upper or lower jaw, partial dentures are used.

A fixed bridge holds crowns on the teeth of the either side of the missing teeth area as well as artificial teeth for the missing teeth area

Dental implants also used to hold cemented bridges, avoiding the need of a denture. Though the costs are comparatively higher, implants attached with bridges, the look and feel of it resembles the real teeth. Dental implants are gaining popularity nowadays for its life and aesthetics, but everyone is not a candidate for wearing it.

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