Root Canal Treatment

What is Root Canal Treatment?



Root canal treatment is one of the dental restorative treatments that saves the tooth by removing the decayed pulp tissue of the tooth. The treatment is commonly advised in the following cases:

Infected tooth:  While, an untreated decay of the tooth, that leads to inflammation and infection of the pulp can be dangerous if the infection spreads to the surrounding tooth.

Trauma to the tooth: Any kind of trauma to the tooth will develop a pulpal damage. Sometimes, the trauma might have happened years back to be turned as a new case of infection. Chronic irritation and trauma can also lead to a pulp infection.

Whatever be the reason for the tooth infection, proper treatment and filling of the root canal is inevitable to control the infection and to restore the tooth to normal state. It is almost no way to retain such an infected tooth without having root canal treatment, and another option is to extract the affected tooth and get it replaced with a pseudo tooth.   Root Canal Treatment can prevent or stop toothache and/ or tooth infection.

Benefits of Root Canal Treatment :

  • Root Canal Treatment can prevent or stop toothache and/ tooth infection.
  • Root Canal Treatment not only restores just damaged teeth, even saves sometimes most damaged teeth fixed with either a filling or crown.
  • Without Root Canal Treatment is the best solution to restore a decayed and damaged tooth rather than losing it due to severe pain and infection. Remember tooth infection can spread beyond the tooth if Root canal treatment is not done.

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